Our Terms

We charge for our time.  We charge for all of our time.  We charge hourly.  We do not accept fixed fee engagements or contingent fee engagements.  Mr. Dunn’s current hourly rate is $495 for international tax matters and $395 for all other matters.

At the beginning of a representation, we ask the client to sign a retainer agreement.  The retainer agreement sets forth the terms of the representation, and incorporates by reference the terms set forth here.

We also ask new clients to pay a “retainer.”  A retainer is a deposit.  We credit it to the client’s account, and charge our fees and costs against the client’s account.  When our charges exceed the retainer, we bill the excess charges to the client.  

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We bill monthly.  Our bills are payable upon receipt.  Our unpaid bills accrue interest at the rate of 7 percent per year, compounded annually.  The client remains responsible for our charges, all of our charges.

We retain the right to withdraw from an engagement.  We would withdraw from an engagement if the client fails to pay one of our bills, or fails to follow our advice.

Litigation concerning our work may be brought in the Oakland County Circuit Court or the United States District Court and no other court.