Foreign Accounts Compliance

Streamlined Procedures for Foreign Accounts Compliance

Posted on: January 9, 2019 | By: Dunn Counsel |  Bank Secrecy Act, Paths to Compliance, Streamlined Procedures, The FBAR Filing Requirement, Uncategorized Many Americans become ...
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Passive Foreign Investment Companies: U.S. Clients Should Consider Tax Compliance

Foreign mutual funds, known as passive foreign investment companies or “PFICs,” pose significant compliance burdens for U.S. taxpayers.  Click here for the ...
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Beneficial Ownership, Income Tax, and FBARs

For U.S. income tax purposes, ownership of property means beneficial ownership.  Only the beneficial owner of property is required to ...
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Compliance Required of U.S. Persons Concerning Foreign Financial Accounts

U.S. persons are subject to compliance obligations concerning foreign financial accounts under two statutes, the Internal Revenue Code and the ...
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